Why I like myself better in Italian.

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Recently I was watching a charming Japanese Netflix series called Giri/Haji (Duty/Shame). At one point, the main character’s teenage lesbian daughter tells her dad why she prefers London to Tokyo.“I like myself better here,” she said. Even though it was a throw-away line in the show, but for me, it captured something that I’ve known for a long time. For many people, going abroad for the first time means experiencing life as a foreigner for the first time.

For LGBTQ youth who grew up feeling like foreigners in the own countries, visiting another country, another culture where they actually are…

Plus, How Creators Can Hate LinkedIn Less

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If you’re like most creators, including writers, consultants, coaches, and solopreneurs, spending time posting on LinkedIn is pretty much a lost cause.

That’s why when I checked my email this morning; I was so thrilled. I found out my Friday LinkedIn post is in the top 1% of engagement with nearly 2k views, 26 reactions, and 35 comments. Not only that, I’ve been getting messages all morning from friends thanking me because they got the same message!

I’m not bragging. I’m telling you this because I want to share how last week, about 25 of my Twitter pals (#ship30for30) and…

You Don’t Need To Make Writing Any Harder

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Who Are You Really Writing For?

If you’re having trouble getting traction with your online writing, the problem may not be with your content. The problem might be that you’re writing it for the wrong person or the wrong reasons. Let me explain.

When I answer questions online, write emails, or send text messages, I usually know who I am writing for and why. I more often, know their names. Furthermore, I know exactly what I want to say and how to say it. It’s almost effortless.

My problem is that when I try to write for online platforms, keeping in mind audiences, editors, algorithms, stats…

Advice from a cool gay dad

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Before there was cyberbullying, there was bullying.

Before it was called bullying, it was called high school.

Back in the 1980s, when I went to high school, no one “felt safe.” No one was safe. Not students, not teachers, and certainly not a little gay boy transferred to a large suburban high school in the middle of his senior year.

I was that little gay boy. Little, and obviously gay.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that the hatred I endured daily made my senior year of high school a living hell.

Although Faggot is not my given name (nor…

Forget About The Money And Focus Here Instead

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Look, I get it. If you’re reading this, you probably want to make more money on Medium. Nothing wrong with that.

Here’s the rub. Focusing too early on, making money is probably counterproductive. Faced with disappointment and frustration, you might quit.

So don’t get caught up in the stats game.

You know what I mean. Checking your stats constantly, waiting for that one post to go viral and make you famous.

For the vast majority of Medium writers, that's not how it happens.

I recently interviewed more than 21 top online writers, marketers, and entrepreneurs, including Zulie Rane, Jim Woods

The Opera Diva And The Soccer Jock — A Digital Content Mashup

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Let Your Imagination Run Wild

Today I asked former professional opera singer turned marketing consultant Christina Hager to share her thoughts on my recent interview with ex-soccer jock turned personal development author, speaker, and coach Jordan Gross.

Aside from the sheer irony of it, I paired these two speakers because they both embody what it means to look beyond the expected and find the human thread in their work.

A top Medium writer and a powerful storyteller, Jordan has developed a unique approach to personal development that he shared with me in a Zoom interview for story2021.co, …

Top Medium Writer Jim Woods Breaks Down His Top 10 Articles of 2020

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Do you want to become one of the 5 percent of Medium writers that earn more than $100 a month in 2021?

I know I do.

So yesterday, I asked my buddy Jim Woods, a Top Medium writer and coach, to share his top ten articles from 2020 with me to figure out how he does it.

Jim was not only kind enough to share his top ten list, but also sent me an audio recording explaining why he thought each article was successful.

In turn, I did a quick quantitative analysis of his top ten articles for commonalities, including…

Together They Have +200k Followers — Recently, I Asked Them The Secret To Their Success.

“Memo to Self” — Image by author.

I don’t know about you, but when I see Medium writers with 5K, 20K, or 83k online followers (for that matter), doing what they love for a living, I want to know the secret to their success. In detail.

So recently I asked them and… guess what? They told me.

Actually, they did better than tell me. They all agreed to be interviewed for my upcoming digital summit, story2021.co.

In Their Own Words

Recently I hopped on Zoom video calls with top Medium writers Niklas Göke, Michael Thompson, Ana Andjelic, Zulie Rane, Jon Brosio, Jordan Gross, Casey Botticello, Kristin Wilson, and Jim Woods to…

How To Turn Zoom Video Interviews Into A Polished Masterclass Series

Making a video masterclass series is easier than you may think. Screenshot by author.

If You Can Use Zoom, You Can Make Masterclass Videos

Have you thought about turning some of your content into videos, maybe for a masterclass but thought editing them would be too complicated?

I know I thought so.

In fact, I had zero desire to learn how to edit videos using iMovie (or any other video editing software), mainly because I find video editing software completely counterintuitive.

I’ve tried to learn basic video editing before; I’ve watched how-to videos, but, somehow every time I tried to do it myself, it always went horribly wrong.

TBH, until very recently I had such anxiety about using any video editing software, that the…

GenX Video Contest to Help Me Edit Zoom Videos

You’ve Got Less than 36-Hours to Enter! Image by author

For someone who made killer mixtapes in the ’80s, I can’t seem to use video editing software programs to save my life. Any of them. Can you help me today?

Video editing software makes no sense to me. I’ve tried using several, and I find them all to be completely counterintuitive.

I recently made 20+ recorded video interviews with Zoom for story2021.co, my upcoming Digital Content Masterclass Series. Now I want to make some relatively simple edits to them (using either iMovie or filmora on my Macbook Pro) and publish them on YouTube.

Yes, I’ve watched plenty of how-to videos…

Sean Smith

Recovering CMO obsessed with digital content. CreatorModeOn.com

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