My LinkedIn Engagement Was in the Toilet Until I Learned This Trick

Plus, How Creators Can Hate LinkedIn Less

Photo by Gabor Monori on Unsplash

Here’s the Backstory of the Experiment

Recently I was told by a LinkedIn expert Richard Bliss that if you don’t get about ten reactions and comments (especially comments) in the first hour after you post, LinkedIn will bury your post, and very few people will see it.

LinkedIn Can Be a Lonely Place for Creators

The real trick, however, isn’t gaming the algorithm. Instead, it is how to build a community of creators on LinkedIn that support and encourage one another.

Personally, I don’t care for the guru-driven style of many online courses. I don’t really care how famous someone is, I just want t to learn.

I also don’t love self-study courses or eBooks. I can’t tell how many I have purchased and never completed. For me, social media platforms are a lot like exercise.

Introducing Creator Mode On

That’s why I’m doubly pleased to announce yesterday’s launch of Creator Mode On (CMO), a 28-day Rehab Program for creators who don’t understand how to use LinkedIn.

Recovering CMO obsessed with digital content.

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